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sometimes one is just speechless but it doesnt mean one is quiet…. just a lot rushing thru heart and brain and one realise its not worth even speaking… sometimes just silence prevails but the faces tells a lot of tales of expression…. as it plays its silent play, somewhere in the corner of the lips remain a poetry untold while the emotions flutters by the eyelashes…. and no matter how many freedom i bore upon, or liberty i proclaim…. the poetry remain trapped and somehow i just cannot let the emotions flow……………………

somewhere in that accidental glance, there is an intention behind……., somewhere in that casual smiles, resides tremendous excitement and fondness…….., u look away somewhere and u realise that the sight before was much more pleasing but u never look back again,……. somewhere u just got to stop but thats not always the end.. somewhere u always hold on and can never let go…..

someplace one always goes, and always wish that someone was around,…. someplace never loses ur scent,…. someplace is always yours,….

as those wonderfull colours flew out from ur utterances, the following silence brings in the foggy doubt….. lost in interpretation and judgement, i wonder when i went wrong….

as much as i enjoy that occasional care, as much i tumble down….. the beleifs on those words are so easily washed away by deeds…..

you bring a lot of cream, but u sure is bitter when not around….. buttered up the other day but most of the time u toast me dry…. tricks and treat is the game you play, while sleepless night is what i embraces….

seldom comes but always goes and how confidently u wear that smile,….. sometimes the silence questions a lot… the answers you never gave…

somewhere a tale always end,…. and somehow the story is complete…. as much as i wish for a neverending tale, as much have i stood alone…

sometimes silence always creeps in, somewhere i always stop and somehow i always move on…. and evrything dissolves into a silence….. 🙂


well ……. compromise !!

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u know what i am fucking tired of compromises,.. the way it bends away ur life to a direction that, u can see vividly in front of ur eyes, leads to another way leading you away from where ur heart wants to be…. i mean u have the choice…. if i can chose compromise then of course i can also choose against compromise instead. 😉 … and so i did… took the risk, emotions high and strong and the lines from my most favourite movie, into the wild, “sometimes its necessary for u to feel strong, not neccessarily be strong but feel strong, for a moment……….. “,…. and courageous as i was, hopes and expectations gave me good companies thruout, when i took rest dreams and imaginations played such a soothing play… bloods seems to rush thru evry inch… it was FUCKING AWESOME.. but the game of love has its rule… sometimes they can just stay behind as u move ahead or even if u try to push them ahead, it can just create a lot of other emotions like shock, then confusion and then scared and then avoid… it did happen… exactly as i said… then was the turmoil….. well even i had taken a back seat as soon as i realise it… lose of freedom, added responsibility, probing into future, judging the present… 😉 then came the result… i realised for her sake i wud do it all, if its not her then noone at all… what i am trying to say is life with her but with all the entailments seems amazing to me and the notion of free love is as amazing as the previous one so… any one of them is okay with me… well yes the statement of truth… now i am sailing in the surface around the sort of a relationship sans commitment and intimacy of physical kind,…. kind of into exploration and finding comfort zone in each other, well i have found,… she seems to have found but confused and scared so i gave her my time,… she also gave me her time too… she and me still remain in contact… and we still talk for long hours.. 🙂 and remembering those early rushes of emotion, if ound truth in these lines again, ” people fall in love because as long as it last it feels wonderfull” … 🙂 … so aslong as i feel wonderfull i say i be in love… 🙂

okay coming back to where we started from… compromise…. well yeah so i tried escaping it… i did escaped but now i am back in compromise again… but what i am saying is now i am back in compromise because i want to be in it as of now, as far as i know i like it this way for now and the fondness seems to last for some time….

i have come a full circle and sorted a lot of things and a little bit of extra always demands a higher price, but i got in on credit.. lol.. so i have to pay it now, but i knw that i will enjoy making up for it…. now is the time of compromise with smile… 🙂 🙂 🙂 ….

I think now i totally agree that something are better left as memory, as raw as it was when it just got made, with the same feelings and emotions intact becoz sometimes some memories are far too precious to be exposed to weathering…… this are the memories that constitue the stories that u tell to people abt ur life or simply, these are those moments that constitue ur life …. and it, sometimes, are as sensitive as it is to me as it is to u my mates…

in my blog i intend to write down certain part of my life and i know it includes writing about u all my freinds… so i have tried my best to write down our stories in a way its inside content remain specifically to us,… ( sorry visitors….. i love u guys as much but sometimes i can’t help but be rude and apologise for being rude and say i hope u can understand…. seriously i do.. ).. at the sametime i want u guys,( visitors ) to hear what my blog is screaming out loud, ” i am really interested to know u….. cant really say what might happen later but nothing is so wrong in sharing a bit of our memory with certain other fellow being” … .. well, just so that u will notice…. u will see my blog smiling at u broadly when u hear it… look out for it… …

WELLL …. surprisingly as event turn out to be, my life, just went a major change as if finally god decided to be good on me… ….. guess what? i was right !!…. it did brought me a lot of happiness and love,… to be more precise, i wud rephrase the earlier statement as “i realised that everything was around me, i just wasnt aware or open”…. …

i am preety sure u guys must be wondering as to what i am trying to say here….. (as if somebody is actually reading this.. ),…. so let me tell u guys why i am blabberin so much…. well today was filled of surprises and changes around me life,… and i kinda liked it … and it being a reason brought forward a lot more of things near and dear to me… and thats FUCKING AWESOME…. …. well to be a little precise i am talking abt love and freindship and shit lots of memories of it made in just one day…. i know it was OVERWHELMING and u know what?, i swung it a little more , with voluntary and mostly appreciated help…. did i emphasized properly on VOLUNTARY AND MOSTLY APPRECIATED …..from some really good freinds, in ur term….. as in my term i say they are really good follkers or fuckers which ever u prefer,… ( dude …….. u guys are the best… i say the best….) …. and i am flying high… real high….

i am gonna be out for a few days,… setting out somewhere beautifull and strange coz i have never ever been there, i mean i have been in that place but i had never been there with a purpose i am going there this time…

well the plan is to be random and expect nothing but who knows it could also turn out to be a nice story for us lots to share a laugh… wait for me here on this port, i shall sail over to the land beyond and be back again…… till then, adios mon ami !!


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well today is february 14 and i say it went preety awesooooooome… 🙂 … u know what i did, ….. i gave space for a feeling to grow and let the randomness take over and what i got is “love” !!!……. i dont know about what it wud lead to but i am confident to say that for this moment i know for sure that i love her…..

🙂 …. love to everyone !!

:) …

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i havnt cried for a very long time…. i miss crying 😦


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its all a huge smoke out there….. the question is how to get accross and the fear is whats at stake…… !!!


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i loved the way today went…. 🙂

and it feels great to be in my own bed, right now !!… 🙂

now, i am kinda thinking abt the day that went by today….. one last time…. before i sleep while it slips away into yesterday.. 🙂