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so there was i……………………..

, having done all my work scheduled for the day that includes helping javed clean his unoccupied apartment and clean my own room which has been locked for a few days since i lost the key of the unbreakeable lock that alex gave me while he was leaving for moscow… and the window had been open and there was a lot of rain, and plus to it, the flies that have fallen down after dying for having played with desire, flattered by the flamboyance and dazle of light… oh so many of them… yeah… then i took a bath and went to NRS ( new research scholar ) hostel to meet zimo the scallywag but he wasnt there so i went to adi bhai’s room instead…….

so there i was….
some good music ( taken from alex ) going on and the ” J ” passes on from one hand to the other, like an olympic torch.. u know… this timeit was like a torch of peace and good will… he he he… and there i thought upon something… or rather i was going back to a random thought which i didnt think completelybefore, as the situation was not right for me to focus on it… and now i have time and my mind was right so i ponder upon that thought…

so there i was,….

i thought i have something inherent… call it a type of energy.. the person that i am today, defined from every perspective, views and angle, didnt just began with the time i decided to take up linguistic, nor did that time i decided i wud become a doctor or that moment when i cudnt get through the medical entrance exam,

or when i left baroda, or home… manipur….. imphal… my hometown, soibam leikai ayangpalli road….. sagolsem family…. or when i decided i am not settling in manipur nor will it began when i go back there….

or when i used to have crew cut or when i decided to keep it long, …..

or after having spend a year in a university campus doing masters in hyderabad central university, or three years in baroda doing graduation… and those years in manipur, or the trip to kohima… or when i landed in hyderabad or baroda…

or when i use to prefer only shirts, leather shoes, chappals…. strictly no sneaker… pants and strictly no jeans… or now when i prefer t-shirts, sneakers, chappals,… and reluctant about shirts, and leather shoes and pants..

u know every turn in my life, even when i was born and safe and sound or the ups and down of life….

i am not denying they make up the person that i am… they do… in every way possible… in fact every experience counts in making me become the person that i am today…

but all i am saying is….
(i am sorry if anybody feels that i am going a little too far in being precise and descriptive )…… like evry other organism which undergoes sexual reproduction,… like every person who was conceived when a male gamete and a female gamete meets…… some thing was passed into that cell that got formed.. out of those two very lucky gamete which didnt ended in death like his million and million mate and fellow gametes… something got passed into that cell that was formed … yes the energy… called life…. so simple at that time but now really complex… he he he…

ya i know everyone know abt it…. but all i am saying is its an amazing to think into the fact that in such a way the energy has been passed on from person to person ( my fore fathers and mothers) infact according to physics… energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can be transformed from one form to the other… so i dont know how the enrgy inside me got created but i am here… so that means the energy is here… and then i have been transformed from one form to the other all this while..

.it amazes and fascinates me to think in what form might it cud have been and in which state in ancient times, or when the earth just got formed, or any other era of the universe that i can go back to or even before that, yes i am taliking about this energy which i have right now in me thats keeping my life on,… it is very probable that this energy must have been in the state of radiation or rays of photon , or liquid or gas or sound waves or which ever form an enrgy can exist in.. before it took the human life form…. 🙂

and so inside me… i dont know where but something is there that had existed and passed on through decades, centuries,millenia, and god knows how long period of time…. :))))))… hmmmm…. i am really facsinated to think of how wud the essence…. (as of now, the essence i feel out of human life form)….. might have been when i was wind, or sound or air or water… ha ha ha..

and so there was i….

lost in some nice thoughts… i am not saying its profound or whatever… but at that time when i was thinking such thought, the fascination, the random progression of thought and with it the imagination that can almost get u there, where ur mind is (thanks to the ” j “)…. ,….. excitement and thrill was amazing….. 🙂 …

so there was i….

then, it was 5 in the afternoon… adi bhai said its time to go to shop com and eat something and i said …. yes… and i have to blog… 🙂 ….

and so here i am… i was writing the content, and now and i am going to upload it as i finish typing the last word….

take care…

and thanks to Riane for encouraging me to blog, m glad i listened to u and to abhishek for that final push before i finnally decided and opened my account here.. 🙂

and as i said earlier…. and now here i am proceeding towards uploading this blog as i finish typing the last character