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Posted: November 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

the asshes that remained, from the amber in the tip of the ciggarette flew as the wind blew it along the rim of the window edge where i had rested my hand … swaying, it fell on the edge of the table and there it lie, spreaded over delicate pieces of grey and blackish ashes, struggling as the wind kept on stroking its delicate countours…..

and there i was observing the beauty of the way it had scattered, like a stroke of brush just moved about and there i saw how nicely they were placed in the canvas that i see in front of me,… 🙂

but then i realised how smooth and clean, that white ply table was maintained by its keeper… and of course the sprinkled ashes had somewhat made it.. as u say “dirty”…

so i wiped my hand over the edge and i saw the ellegance of the clean white ply sweep over the canvas of sprinkled ashes…

and cudnt figure out which one was more beautifull…. 🙂