musing in the musical-nostalgia… :)

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just back from a very dear friend’s bday party, me and Javed were trying to embrace the pleasant and soothing slumber as we were happily exhausted after a fun-filled night among best friends and some more best fun…

then,.. Javed pulled out the radio set and the old hindi melodies started playing on the near and dear FM RAINBOW and nostalgia fills the air, as both of us could be heard releasing blissfully a nostalgic sigh as the warm vibes of the golden tunes filled the heart pushing it (the sigh) out from the memory-treasure of old and gold….. Of course, certain strings in the heart that the tune pulled could be felt echoing amidst the four wall of F hostel room 127.

as the drunken brain and the stoned mind was swaying along the nostalgic vibes, one got stucked so one asked….

“So.. are we supposed to let the quality of the song take its own course and be left on its own virtue to assure its continuous presence, generations after generations????


for the sake of the nostalgia and its golden-ness, are we suppose to enforce its preservance???”

“hmm… ya… ya.. ya..”, Javed listened and Javed spoke…

the nostalgia is connected to the quality of the song …. the nostalgia that one experiences is deeply connected to the quality of the song.. and “quality of the song” comprises the song in its all technicality and the ambiance of those continuous events in which one got introduced to, indulged in or got attracted to it… and remembrance of those events are what nostalgia is about…

If one observe,… the nostalgia of a particular song through generations are never the same. its always a new story, a new set of ambiance and characters.. of course,.. due to time…

also if we look back at how one got it,.. our elders were just indulging in them and we happened to get attracted to the song so we sat by and listened together with them… then it came to one’s own play-list…

Like how the quality of the song found us and we picked it up and let it continue to play, one should just indulge in them for the sake of the nostalgia that one treasures.. and while, if the youngster or whomsoever are of the made that which will admire the song then they will pick it up… just like we did!!… the least and the most we could do is to facilitate while one rides high in the nostalgia …..

🙂 … hmm…

though, the question was raised on the ground of songs and nostalgia, the answer answered a lot of issues in one’s mind..


Like the way, the song has been played numerous times in numerous places, i recall about the interactions i have had with numerous personalities.. while some equation had worked out well, some particular equations just didnt seem to comply…. i was worked up trying to solve them and sometimes one even tried to change the formula to make the equation work.. but it never worked..

so much for one’s effort !!! 🙂

but you see, one was wrong…. like the way the song never changes the way it plays, like how the melody flowed only in the note and the composition that it was made of, one should be honest and be genuine in one’s conduct. and like those that became the crowd around the song, one will also find company that would connect for what really that one is and what really that other is…

while the thoughts worked it up in the mind, liberating out angst, anxiety and depression through a smile, the tune in the radio changed to a form of instrumental-classical that both of us were not keen of… so we switched off the radio… and felt peace.. that prevailed as the tune got off the air of the dark room… and i smiled again… Lo! .. isnt this the peaceful solution to those equations that never worked… 🙂

thanks Javed !! 🙂

and Ranjani for the title… 🙂


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