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A mid-summer night trek….

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s been 24 hours since that taste and I haven’t had a wink of sleep. The heat in the rush of the blood has been gradually going down as those delightful sensations take its leave, fluttering a little before it break away and blend into the grey reality. An epic as it began, rushing thru the veins as the mind loses its way in the chase of the beat as the heart ran wild. Remember the joy with which we walked into the middle earth and wait by the misty channel to catch a glimpse of the unicorn to graze by. I feared, that the wind must have carried our giggles and laughter, and the echoes are known to be noisy bunch, but the wine was sweet and the moon promiscuous. Those dark silhouettes did promise us to hide us in its veil by the misty channel, but they couldn’t stop talking about the lights. The charmed gallop died out in the distant hustle of a bush and so were the silhouette ready to leave as pink shone through the promised horizon. So we marched towards the yonder of the hill overlooking the promised horizon. There we sat by with more wine and dined. It was when the sky started shedding its color that I knew the rapture was to happen. The pink came down and so did orange and by the time the blue had descended, streaks of colors could be seen emanating from every side of the horizon. The silhouette had left and the earthlings woke up to the shower of colors. The clouds made its appearance with its tumultuous layers of over laden dreams. The silvery dreams turned gold as the sun peeked out of the horizon and the golden streaks commanded, “behold the radiance!”. The silhouette had traveled far by then the canvas became the playground of colors.

The birds had taken to their wings for the call of the day and so could I see the red in the eyes. I saw it flow down the hair into the perspiring droplets. That’s when our feet rolled home-bound for the Floyd was to host our exhaustion.

The music played a soothing play as the body could be felt embracing the comfort of the bed. I close my eye in anticipation of a soothing slumber but little did I know that the mind had wandered so far. Well it
had been 10 hours since the blot and the colors had started to fade by then but the mind had a long way to trace back and the rush in the veins only gives out heat in the bright summer day. And since then it
has been the fading color tracing back the mind as the body waits for the heat to gradually subside.

So…. it’s been 26 hours as I set on that epic journey for the quest of the unicorn and the colors, along with me hearties from the university to the enchanted Middle-campus, apparently the middle-earth as my friend had pointed out as we head towards the woods, the lake and the rocks of our dear campus,. Every passing moments counting down one of the plans we promised to each other since we ever got on
board on the university as our last days as crew mates of the university seems near the horizon.

By now, the heat had subsided, the mind back on track and the body seems to finally succumb to exhaustion as my eyelids becomes heavy. But for the “epic” as we call it, the journey will ever remain among fond memories. And as I put off the light to a good sleep, I knew that for the experience that it was , it will always bring a radiance with a fond smile.