That night from the balcony…

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Amrutha Valley, Buckingham 421, Banjara Hills, 20th april 3 am, 2012.

The buzz of the city is calmly asleep,

now is time for the distant sounds of the lorry’s and the sirens.

The tired walk goes tap tap home bound…


And tonight,… its again a quiet night…


But not so quiet yet,

The mind still runs aroundthe name in the heart.

In the room,

bright and vibrant while ’twas day.

Now,  shaded and dim..

Music… Wine…

Calm.. Silent…

A thoughtful remembrance…

A heave of sigh.. A twitched smile…

Just another bedtime,

and tonight its a pleasant summer night.


Out the window,

a light from yonder beckons me.

I hear it in the whisper of the wind.

A tale of glimmering excitement

amidst the silence of the shadows and silhouette…

a rush… a blush..

a deep breadth… and dreamy eyed…

And the eyelid flutered.

A night…

Wrapped in feelings.

To be long-ed when remembered…


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