to the party and back home.

Posted: February 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

One word… Love!
One moment… Now!
One person… You!

If only you were around, I wouldn’t feel so out of love.
So out of life…

I wouldn’t be searching,
Longing or wandering.
Rested in a dim light,
I would have been in arms.
Nestled in caress.

Every breadth vibrating calm,
Peace, whole.

Tonight is a fine evening
Wine, Song…

A bit of flamboyance.
A bit of grace.
Rhythmic and soulful.
If only you were arounnd,
the walk home wouldn’t be alone.

The night’s bed lonely.
And I wouldn’t need another dream,
Just your arms.

And the sound of your breadth.
Soundly at rest for the day.
Just to start the next day with a first look,
Of Your face, your sweet face!!!


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